We are proud to be able to offer a number of services to this community.

Please call  Enchanted Meadows at (610) 760-3015 for scheduling                                     If lines are busy, please Email or Message.

By appointment only

~Psychic-Mediumship Readings

By: Jennifer Pantella


My name is Jennifer Pantella & I am

The No Nonsense Psychic Medium 🔮✨🌙🌞🌟🌛I am a great many things & Psychic/ Medium are just two of them!!! I have been like this since before I was even born. When my mother was pregnant with me she was predicting plane crashes & when they happened she thought she was loosing her mind. My gifts followed me sporadically throughout my childhood, teens & adulthood. I spent a lot of time trying to be normal, trying to cope with the experiences my gifts led me into, & I honestly didn’t consider them gifts, it felt more like a curse. It wasn’t until my twenties I was introduced to The See of Tranquility (a non profit learning organization) based out of Lehighton. They began my journey of learning. I learned about my gifts & how to control/handle them, & consciously turn them off & on. It wasn’t always an easy task, & took some work but now I am so blessed to finally be able to utilize my gifts for the greater good!!! I love love love what I do & how I am able to be a part of helping people! I’m so happy to be able to serve my soul purpose.My regular rates are $60 for a half hour $120 for a full hour. ($2.00 per minute)I am able to provide appointments by phone (long distance readings are just as accurate) I can do face to face readings on Sundays at Enchanted Meadows in Slatington from 2-6. If interested in parties, group rates, events, expos, house clearings, free clinics, mentoring, or group classes please contact for details. I can’t wait to meet all of you & see what spirit/loved ones have to tell you! 


~Oracle Readings by Akasha                    $20.00                                                              

  $25.00 to write down information from reading


~Cord Cutting: $50


~Basic House Cleansing’s


Plus travel expenses depending on distance.

If you would like Jen Pantella participate in the cleansing, it will be an extra $50.00 plus her travel expenses as well, depending on distance.

~Astrology Readings By Trudy Carol


     I’ve been involved with metaphysical spirituality since my college days as a student and patron at renowned New Age store “The Bodhi Tree” in Los Angeles, California. My mystic and magickal journey began as a Tarot Reader which led to becoming an Astrologer.

    I hold 35+ years of Astrology and Tarot spiritual counseling and psychic experiences. I relish sharing my passion for the Zodiac and Card Readings to assist and guide others in their quest toward a happier and brighter future.

    I’m a “Triple Pisces” (Sun + Moon + Mercury in Pisces) along with Virgo Rising. This combination of Water and Earth elements makes me highly intuitive and empathic plus thoughtful and dedicated to caring service of Mother Earth and all living beings. There are many planets and aspects in my Natal Chart showing a talent for esoteric studies.

    As a spiritual advisor I want to share my gifts with kindred souls. I like being present “in the room” and meeting people for a more personalized touch. Whether you want to learn these disciplines for yourself or prefer Astrology Chart and Tarot Card Readings for insightful interpretations.

   I’m available by appointment on Friday or Saturday afternoonsfor private meetings with individual or duo clients at a minimum of one hour for $70 and each additional minute at $1.00.

Call to book an appointment with Trudy, (610) 365-8783

Services provided by Enchanted Meadows: Supplies for the open mind or associates are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease or illness, nor is it to be interpreted, in any way, as a substitute for professional medical, surgical, psychiatric or psychological care or treatment. 

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