Astrology Class

Magickal Surprises and Shifts with Planet Uranus in Zodiac sign Taurus

Tap into the Ancient Art of  of Astrology! Align with heavenly energies to help fulfill your divine visions and life purpose. Join Spiritual Astrologer and Intuitive Guide Trudy Carol as she explores the celestial significance of planet Uranus entering the zodiac sign Taurus starting May 15, 2018. You’ll learn where Uranus will make it’s greatest impact in your life as “The Great Awakener” revolutionizes at least one area of your Solar Astrology Chart. You’re welcome to bring our own unique Natal Chart for both Solar and Natal illuminations.

TBA, 2018


$20 per person (Cash only please)


Intro to Druid Witchcraft

Druid witches look to the wisdom of Celtic lore and legend, and work with the powers of the Land, the Sea and the Sky. House of Blackthorn founder Rik Silfies-Potter explains how modern Druidry, Celtic Paganism and Old World Witchcraft blend seamlessly together into a meaningful path of transformation, magic and ancient wisdom.

Cost: $20 per person


Stone/Crystal Class 2

Date TBA       2018


$20 per person

Seminar for Crystals the real earth flowers.You will be taught how to identity stones/crystals, also you will learn their magickal uses!  A night with Griz Stonecutter and his wife Amber.

Come and see some beautiful crystals from his personal collection.

**Free gift for everyone!**

Cash sale afterwards of crystals and minerals and some of our homemade stone jewlery.


19 thoughts on “Classes/Workshops

  1. just finding out about this. unfortunately won’t be able to make a june 29 class, but if you could put me on your mailing list for the next one, i am very interested! peace, jo


  2. Let me know when you may have these classes again, please. Also – the girls have started asking about the classes for kids you mentioned awhile ago. Ever since Samhain they have been practicing ritual work, creating circles and calling the elements! And learning about different goddesses and God’s. It’s pretty cool watching them!! Lol.


  3. I would like to reserve my spot now but do have some questions. Please pm thru Facebook if possible ( ColleenMarie Wohl ) or call 484-374-7637. I thank you very much for making this opportunity possible! I have heard beautiful things about you and your store, I can’t wait to meet you all. Blessed Be

    Liked by 1 person

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