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Email: enchanted.meadows@yahoo.com

Follow us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/enchantedmeadows

Instagram: @enchantedmeadows

Enchanted Meadows is a former brick + Mortar- family owned and operated shop that worked to supply the community with tools to practice your spiritual path at a reasonable price.

Now we are working on the next chapter, to become more available remotely. Details coming soon. Email us with any questions! We are still available to help!

We love to help, please feel free to ask questions!


11 thoughts on “Our Store

  1. I took a great picture of Josh (Slatington Viking) at Columcille and would like to get a copy to him. Also want his permission to use in Palmerton Camera club display. Do you have direct email I can send picture to. I think he’d really like it. Tony P.


  2. Excuse me, sometime back I wanted to study with Filomena Pheonix Moon, do you have an email or website I might be able to contact her at please? I can’t seem to find her anywhere. Thank you,
    Raven Moon


  3. Hi
    I wanted to tell you that I love your store. My daughter and I shop there quite often for our crystals and gems and etc. My question is would you be able to spend me pictures of the stones and there names because I cannot remember there names and the properties

    Blessed Be


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