New Years Eve

We will be closing at 5:00pm tomorrow, for New Years Eve and be closed for New Years Day. Please have a safe New Years!! Blessed be!!


Dream interpretation Class!

Dream Interpretation: Dreams can give us insight into our self, our personal journey through life, and provide signposts and solutions for our continued growth. While dream interpretations books abound, nothing takes the place of learning what the symbols mean specifically for you.       In this workshop, you will learn about the different types of dreams and dream-symbols and how to break them down to understand the messages sent from your subconscious. 

    Please bring a dream you would like to interpret, especially any that have a repeating pattern.

 Class will be taught by Joy Landa

Joy Landa has been practicing her own Nature-based spirituality since the early 90’s ( for more information) and spent the past 6 years actively studying and practicing the interpretation of dreams for herself and others. She sees dreams as a powerful tool of growth and self-improvement, using them as maps and guideposts to understand our inner psyche. She has studied and practices Jungian-style dream interpretation and blends it with her own understanding of archetype and symbols as they apply to both personal and spiritual concepts. Joy is a writer of both fiction and spiritual works, an artist/craftsperson, and a speaker/storyteller currently running her own arts and entertainment business called Spirit’s Paintbrush (