Several Retrogrades’ are upon us!

Venus Retrograde
When Venus goes retrograde relationship issues crop up from nowhere. There would be certain inhibitions or restrains in your relationships. There would be all sorts of forces acting against your relationships particularly in the love area. Hence this is a time to act wisely and take proper decisions that would not impact your relationships severely.

DirectionDegree and SignDate 

Retrograde- 09:28 Virgo July 25, 2015
Direct- 08:29 Leo September 06, 2015


When Saturn goes retrograde there would be conflicts with authorities. There would be some amount of abuse involved. Even you might misuse your authoritative position to a certain extent. There would be troubles in getting yourself heard in your work place. Only patience pays till Saturn turns direct.


DirectionDegree and SignDate
Retrograde- 15:02 Sagittarius March 14, 2015
Direct- 05:53 Scorpio. August 01, 2015


If Uranus is in retrograde motion, you probably live your life to the extreme in many aspects whether you are an extrovert or introvert. There is little middle ground in your frame of mind. You see life as black and white with little to no gray areas at all.

DirectionDegree and SignDate

Retrograde- 10:37 Aries July 25, 2015
Direct- 03:52 Aries. December 25, 2015


Neptune when in retrograde, logic falls to the wayside. People gain an increased interest in intuition or esoteric matters. Dreams and psychic abilities find new followers, as people beginning to analyze their inner natures. New outlets of communications come to the surface as artistic abilities get expressed.

DirectionDegree and SignDate

Retrograde- 09:07 Pisces June 11, 2015
Direct- 16:30 Pisces November 18, 2015


If Pluto is in retrograde motion, you face issue of control. Feeling as if you must control all things in and around your life. Often to the extreme and at the expense of others around you. Holding onto relationships so tight and this becomes suffocating to your partner. Or holding onto past relationships, refusing to let go and move on.

DirectionDegree and SignDate

Retrograde- 03:54 Capricorn April 16, 2015
Direct- 06:57 Capricorn September 24, 2015


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